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  • 01.05.2021
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Shakacage | 05.05.2021
If you actually make an effort to express that love, estrangement will never be an issue. Everyone I know who is estranged from their parents (my husband included came to that difficult place because their parents did not have the tools to express whatever love they had in a healthy way. Let your children know you love them, and respect them as fellow human beings, and they will never walk away from you.
Samujar | 06.05.2021
so the examples you gave weren't very good at their jobs? How were the contracts written. I've worked with trades that signed a contract then thought they could do what they thought best, even if what they did wasn't up to code so examples are like butts everyone has one good or bad
Juzil | 08.05.2021
Wawww is Sex

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